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Incognet One Shots Vol.2

Incognet One Shots Vol.2
Incognet One Shots Vol.2
  • SKU: 010008
  • Filesize: 64 MB (Unzipped)

We continue our experiment, releasing second volume of One Shots.

With over 262 samples, this pack has more shots than first volume, more folders ( like Bonus folder, Synth folder, Snares folder).

Full of great Hard and Soft, Layered Kicks, Smashed Claps and Snares, awesome Hihats, modern percussve Toms and Stabs, Bigroom and House Synths and Basses, Bonus Loops, all with the supreme quality, you can fire up your favorite DAW and customize at your own taste!

No more words, these shots and bonus loops help you to find what you great tools for your production!!

• 64 MB (Unzipped), 262 Files * 24 bit WAV

• 10 Bonus Loops (Key Labeled)

• 40 Claps

• 41 Hihats

• 51 Heavy And Soft Kicks ( key labeled)

• 33 Snares